Here at, I’ve collected a number of links over the years on different topics of my interests. I’ve refrained from running commentary or evaluating on those links, they’re offered here for your reference and archival use. And by their mere selection, you may be able discern some of biases and preferences.

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Our life consists of the material and immaterial, physical and spirital. Our five senses give us an understanding of the world around us through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The Internet is primarily through sight (the reading of words, and more recently, videos) and sound (more recently audios via podcasting). There are still three senses that cannot be represented online.

Now, life is spiritual. You cannot rely on just the five senses to understand love, to comprehend the spiritual. Yes, spiritual is abstract and intangible, but it is the immaterial parts of life that brings richness, meaning, and fulfillment to the material world. I hope these links will enrich your heart, soul, and mind as they have mine.