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  • Preachers Over 75 Still Preaching Regularly

    There are some preachers don’t retire, even though it’s certainly well within one’s rights and privileges to do so. ICYMI, the full retirement age is now 67 here in the United States. The good thing about a timely retirement and a church leadership transition done well is how that can be a healthy thing for…

  • video of Malcolm Gladwell speaking at Saddleback Church

    video of Malcolm Gladwell speaking at Saddleback Church

    Closing out the sermon series 50 Days of Transformation is Pastor Rick Warren and the popular author Malcolm Gladwell, speaking from his latest title, David & Goliath. Watch the Facing Giants In Life & Work video at http://saddleback.com/watch/media/11278

  • Leading voices among Asian American preachers

    Many people find lists and selecting the best of the best because there’s too much information out there (and I say that to opt-out from that category for myself.) So, in response to a tweet, here’s a list of Asian American pastors that regularly preach and teach at their churches and particularly contextualize the Gospel…

  • Learning how to preach better and present too

    I’ve heard it said that you learn to teach by teaching. You learn to preach by preaching. “Practice makes perfect.” I’d say that practice does help. And some other resources can help too, like a personal coach and looking at a broader range of samples than just a few favorites. As someone who does public…