Yogurtland frozen yogurt: fan page for FroYo fans

Welcome to the first Yogurtland fan page on the Internet! Yogurtland is a franchised self-serve yogurt shop featuring 16 different flavors at a time, 48 kinds of fresh fruits and toppings. Costs can range anywhere from 30 to 49¢ per ounce [depending on location].

The official Yogurtland website is www.yogurt-land.com – note the dash in the domain name. Go get franchise information at the official company website.

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Yogurtland :: on Twitter @YogurtlandInc + Yogurtland Facebook fan page [500k+ fans] + its Wikipedia entry

ed.note: since the launch of this page in 2011, Yogurtland has a professional marketing team and I’m no longer able to keep this up-to-date with the latest; this page is kept online for historical purposes

Yogurtland Experience

List of flavors and toppings [compiled from the official website 9/29/11] —

classic + innovative flavors:
arctic vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, New York cheesecake, peanut butter, mango, taro, green tea, espresso, mint chocolate, peach, banana, cookies n’ cream, pumpkin, cafe con leche, peppermint, Irish mint creme, Heath bar, orange cream, butterfinger, gingerbread cookies, eggnog, vanilla wafer cookies & cream, cherry vanilla, banana foster, toasted coconut, tiramisu, Madagascar vanilla, mixed berry, candy cane, coffee, smores, matcha green tea, peanut butter cup, red velvet, caramel almond bar, chocolate milkshake, chocolate mint cookies, devil’s food cupcake batter, chocolate coconut truffle, Dutch chocolate, double cookies & cream, Kona coffee blend, root beer float, Oatmeal Cookies, PB&J, Pumpkin Pie [ed.note: too many to list since Yogurtland invent new ones often]

tart flavors:
plain tart, strawberry tart, blueberry tart, mango tart, peach tart, banana tart, pineapple tart, green tea tart, pomegranate raspberry tart, black cherry tart, lemon lime tart, lychee tart, superfruit tart, dragon passion tart, key lime bar tart, blood orange tart, guava pineapple tart, juicy peach tart, lychee tart, green apple tart, yuzu tart, Blackberry Lemon Mint Tart

no sugar added flavors:
French vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry banana, mochaccino, milk chocolate mint, boysenberry, mixed berry, pecan praline, chocolate twilight

fruit toppings:
strawberry, peach, mango, blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, kiwi, watermelon, pomegranate, raspberry, banana, cantaloupe, seedless grapes, oranges, lychee, honeydew …

dry toppings:
mochi, peanuts, walnuts, s’mores, m&ms, magic stars, coco puffs, oreos, butterfingers, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, fruit loops, fruity pebbles, carob chip, chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, mini gummi bears, granola, coconut flakes, Reese’s peanut butter cups, graham crackers, almonds, nilla wafer, red bean, teddy graham, frosted animal cookies …

cold toppings:
cheesecake bites, cookie dough, brownie bites …

“flavors and toppings change according to season and availability”

liquid toppings [not on official site]:: caramel, chocolate, condensed milk, strawberry …

* featured on the Food Channel [video @ YouTube] *

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Yogurtland company info

  • company mission: “Yogurtland is a rapidly growing franchise whose mission is to bring people together for the most flavorful, natural, and fun frozen yogurt experience while promoting a healthy lifestyle.” [via]
  • Franchising information at the official website
  • “… Yogurtland Franchising, Inc., a California corporation. … formed on November 13, 2006. … Our business is operating and granting franchises to let people, like you, operate Yogurtland stores, which offer yogurt, smoothies, shaved-ice, and other menu items for on-premises consumption and carryout. As of the date of this offering circular, we have not sold franchises outside of California but plan to do so. … Specialty yogurt stores are highly competitive. Your general market is any person who likes yogurt. Our concept gives customers a wide selection of yogurt and other menu items.” [via Yogurtland UFOC 3 at Disclosure documents page]
  • ? hmm, discrepancy ? official website‘s about page says Yogurtland’s inception was 2004 ? [retrieved 10/12/08]

editor’s note: this web page is maintained as a labor of foodie love. I am not a representative. I do not have franchising information. I am not associated with Yogurtland (yet?). I receive no compensation of any kind. This fan page launched in December 2007, and look at how well they’re doing now!!

Yogurtland is the first and only self-serve frozen yogurt shop.” [taken from a previous version of official website]

Yogurtland claimed to be the “first and only” self-serve frozen yogurt shop, but other ones have started as early as the 1980s. There are other self-serve frozen yogurt shops, e.g., Menchie’s, Frosted Cup, cherry on top, Yogurtopia, Yogurt Express, Big Spoon Yogurt, Yogurt Stop, Yogurtini, Pure, Nubi, Yogurt Time, FroYo, HeavenLy’s Yogurt, YogurTree, U-Swirl, Bali’s Self Serve Frozen Yogurt, Yogurt Creations, Beach Cities Yogurt & Gelato (Huntington Beach). Big name-brand full-service frozen yogurt franchises, include: The Country’s Best Yogurt (TCBY), Golden Spoon, Pinkberry, Red Mango, Cefiore, Yogen Fruz, Frucci, yoCup, Frapys, Orange Leafvote for your favorite [aside: could you imagine the reach of self-serve fro-yo if all these lil’ shops consolidated into a larger franchised brand? or, better, a branded network that allows shop-owners autonomy with some shared marketing? — just thinking out loud…] (cf. 7/13/11 How Pinkberry Won the Yogurt Revival: “… Today it seems like everyone wants a piece of the frozen yogurt pie, er, cup. Establishments with names like Red Mango, Yogen Fruz, Menchie’s and Yogurtland keep popping up across the country.”)

sidenote:: The non-hyphened yogurtland.com is a blog of foodie Fethiye Akbulut Miller that’s been up and running since March 2005.

aside: This fan page was launched here before the official Yogurtland website became more search engine friendly*, and now has the latest & greatest information about all the Yogurtland happenings.