Windows on MacBook

How to run Windows XP on MacBook Pro

This page will provide simple step-by-step instructions for those who want to run Windows on their MacBook Pro (or iMac). These instructions may be useable as instructions for how to run Windows XP on iMac G5 too. Of course you have to install it, but that’s what these instructions are: how to install Windows XP on Intel-based Macs and then to run it. How to dual boot windows on an Intel Mac? We’re all waiting for that final verdict. The solution was posted on 3/16/06 — see the news of this incredible breakthrough and link to solution! (or PC World’s mirror download site)

[update 4/5/06: Apple unveils software to permit Windows use – go download the official Apple Boot Camp. Nice slogan: “Macs do Windows, too.”]

I don’t have a MacBook Pro (yet?), but sure would like one.

  • – Apple/Intel FAQ provides a good list of answers to frequently asked questions
  • Slashdot’s thread about Windows on Mac
  • is hopeful (and I am too): “… in principle, with the assistance of a driver kit that someone will surely write, Intel-based Macs can be restarted in Microsoft Windows. Everybody wins[!]”
  • Mac on Intel: information resource for Apple’s transition to Intel

Here’s a contest to find a solution for running Windows on an Intel Mac:

According to this blog entry, it’s been confirmed that iMac w/ Core Duo will not run Windows XP, at least not yet. According to BetaNews, the blame is with Microsoft, as to why XP won’t run on Intel MacBook or iMac.

And here are some rather technical explanations and unconfirmed ways to run Windows XP on Mac:

Reasons to run Windows on iMac or MacBook Pro:

  1. Use the very cool MacBook Pro hardware with bright LCD screen and the patent-pending MagSafe(tm) magnetic power connector.
  2. Run two OSes on the same laptop.
  3. Run the full spectrum of softwares on Mac OS and on Windows XP.
  4. Because you can!