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Join This COVID-19 Global Prayer

Join this Live COVID-19 Global Prayer on Saturday March 28th 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT with @samcollier @crowder @priscillashirer @nataliegrant @berniceaking @pptministries @pastorsamuelrodriguez @daniellejstrickland @nonanotnora @amesa

My New Blog Demystifying Prayer

I started a new blog project called Demystifying Prayer. It will run for 30 weeks. I’ll be blogging my conversational prayer with God, the one of Christianity as revealed in the Bible, about once a week. The idea for this...

Churches Praying in a 24/7 World

How then shall we pray? We live in a interconnected digital world where anything can be shared online through social media. And there are churches that are listening for prayer requests and praying…