Improve organizational productivity by knowing the pains of the minority experience 4

Adrian Pei recently authored a book and InterVarsity Press published it. The title is “The Minority Experience: Navigating Emotional and Organizational Realities” — watch this video to hear Adrian Pei tell about bringing his organizational development experiences together with his researching of American history to write the chapters of this […]

How can organizations get along in an organic movement? 1

There’s something about a movement that attracts attention, people and/or media and/or whatever. Some more than others. There’s the Tea Party movement.. Occupy movement.. Arab Spring movement.. movements can be social, political, even religious. Some people have a degree of uneasiness with calling something that’s orchestrated by an organization as […]

any strengths-based churches out there? 15

StrengthsFinder is my favorite personal assessment test. It was the first one that I’d taken that gave me a better sense of the unconventional me. My top 5 talent themes are: ideation, input, strategic, adaptability, woo. I’ve heard there are organizations and churches that have developed their whole corporate culture […]