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How Fast the Facebook Matching Grant Runs Out on #GivingTuesday 1

I was wondering how long that $2M matching grant from the Gates Foundation lasted for today’s #givingtuesday on Facebook. With a $50k limit per nonprofit, 40 orgs could have used it all up in the first couple hours starting at 8:00am Eastern Time. The matching grant won’t likely last all day. Good […]

3 Big Lists of Church Social Media Policies

Doing social media for churches is easy, that’s why social media is so popular, because it’s easy. But, when a church is larger and complicated or there’s questions about how effective or strategic social media has to be, then social media becomes work that takes some thinking and planning to […]

7 reasons I use #chatnotes to share valuable resources & links

I stumbled upon something valuable from hangin’ out with millennials and we’ve discovered another way to use social media in a generous and productive way. Here’s how it goes down. When I’m meeting up with people and having an engaging conversation, I’ll do a public Facebook check-in on my timeline […]

the #blizzard2016 church tour: online churches stay open 3

As millions of people are here in the #blizzard2016 not going anywhere. Even though most churches have cancelled worship services, there are #blizzard2016 churches worshipping online using the Internet to connect people with God and with one another with their online campuses, online church, livestream, and even Periscope! (I happen to be […]