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Church Consultants for Diversity and Black Lives

I’m pained and cringing at the blunders and blindness of people who say the wrong things, hurtful words, because they don’t understand the plight of black lives amidst the protests that are all around us. Especially white pastors and church leaders, who...


A List of Black Pastors to Listen to

At this kairos moment in history, the American church must listen to Black preachers and pastors, for the sake of liberty and justice for all peoples, especially black lives harmed for generations. The gospel imperative compels Christians to care for every person...


Listening to black leaders, not more news

Amongst the many voices of protests are good people, men and women made in the image of God, and that’s the most important thing. People are more valuable than property, dignity more than doctrines, empathy more than examination. Listen to these voices...