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Why Chinese people don’t need religion

Chinese Americans are the least religious people group in the United States. The Chinese in America aren’t just the least religious among Asian Americans, but also the least religious of any ethnic grouping. To be more precise, a new forthcoming book, Family...


Chinese American Mental Health Seminar Videos

Very valuable resources are now available online: culturally-relevant informative videos about mental health in Chinese and Asian American communities. Watch the videos in this YouTube playlist from the 2018 Enlighten Mental Health Seminar. Enlighten seminar notes and video titles are posted at

Christian Spirituality of Korean and Chinese Americans

While both Chinese Americans and Korean Americans are included under the broad umbrella grouping of Asian Americans, general differences and also similarities can be observed in how they practice their Christian faith. In Chapter 5 of Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities...

7 Asian American Christian Philanthropy Examples

Generosity and philanthropy looks different in various cultures. In the USA, we see the prominence of institutional philanthropy through perennial organizations that are staffed for strategic effectiveness. We hear of them mentioned in the news, e.g. Gates Foundation, Pew Charitable Trust, or...

What does Asian American Christian spirituality look like?

This video by Pastor John Shin on Facebook Live got several engaging comments, and this extended comment from Pastor Joe Suh suggested particular areas in which our Asian American culture can create barriers that we need to be aware of so that the gospel can penetrate

Asian American Sermons on Shame

What a shame that we can’t talk about our pains. It’s hard for anyone from whatever ethnic background to talk about their weaknesses and pains, it’s especially hard for Asians and Asian Americans. And, sadly it’s not talked about in churches, where...

Improve organizational productivity by knowing the pains of the minority experience

Adrian Pei recently authored a book and InterVarsity Press published it. The title is “The Minority Experience: Navigating Emotional and Organizational Realities” — watch this video to hear Adrian Pei tell about bringing his organizational development experiences together with his researching of...