DJ’s Recommended Books

these are books that have changed me profoundly – list below compiled in 2005

  • Connecting : Healing for Ourselves and Our Relationships; a Radical New Vision ~ Larry Crabb
    Now this is a book which carries the heartbeat I have for authentic community; though I’ve not read the book yet, just the title and the content I anticipate from the author whom I admire greatly, I’m sure he articulates all that is involved in being genuine, honest, open people that leads to transformation by the grace of God.
  • Desiring God : Meditations of a Christian Hedonist ~ John Piper
    This book is the first book I’ve ever read that deals with my personal struggle of connecting my feelings with my actions. I had been so bound by duty, and resisted feeling. I now know that life is not one of duty but one of desire, and the ultimate desire is God! I was created to glorify God by enjoying Him forever!
  • Love Your God With All Your Mind : The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul ~ James Porter (J. P.) Moreland
    What’s incredibly missing in Christianity is a respect and use of the mind, the main faculty by which most things are accomplished in life. With the dumbing down of Christian faith in the guise of “childlike faith” that’s really “childish faith”, we’ve given up so much in powerfully proclaiming and living out our faith in God.
  • Eternal Impact : Investing in the Lives of Men ~ Phil Downer, Chip MacGregor
    This book describes for me what life is all about, making an impact in the lives of people. I was discipled through the ministry of CBMC, and Phil Downer is the current president of CBMC, and many other people have
    been impacted through genuine relationships of discipling and mentoring.
  • Seeing God: Twelve Reliable Signs of True Spirituality ~ Gerald R. McDermott
    This is the best book I’ve read to date, for it shows us what really makes a Christian a true Christian. In an imperfect world where there is much hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and religiosity, this book sorts through the posturing and false humility and ticket-punching Christian life, and shows us what a genuine life in Christ looks like.
  • What’s So Amazing About Grace? ~ Philip Yancey
    I’m in the process of reading this book, and it is an awesome collection of stories of grace. Stories that touch the heart and reveal so vividly the lavish richness and depth of God’s grace are poured out through the chapters of this book. Perhaps the most refreshing book you’ll ever read.
  • The Grace Awakening ~ Charles R. Swindoll
    The definitive book on a life of true freedom and liberty in Christ, said to be the most significant book by George Verwer of Operation Mobilization (a big missions speaker). I am reading through the book for my second time, and relish in the grace of God that frees me up from other’s expectations or rules, and rejoice in pleasing God alone.
  • Bold Love ~ Dan B. Allender, Tremper Longman
    This takes relationships to the next level. Being nice is not the most loving thing for a person sometimes. Love is much more powerful and engaging. Genuine concern and love for a person means to seek the best for that person and doing the right thing.
  • Disappointment With God : Three Questions No One Asks Aloud ~ Philip Yancey
    Life is tough, but God is good. Living in an imperfect world is often painful, and if God is so loving, why is there so much pain? This book is a classic in giving you a hopeful yet realistic look at life.
  • Christian Caregiving : A Way of Life ~ Kenneth C. Haugk
    This book came timely for me, and opened me up to care for people in a genuine, authentic, and powerful way. My greatest joy and fascination is with people and seeing life change, but sometimes it can also be a great frustration.

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