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[Introduction] This web page is filled with links to resources curated by DJ Chuang, who was featured in “O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world” (OC Register, January 2013) and “Asian American pastors minister across culture gap” (LA Times, September 2007).

Current Asian American Demographics

22.2 million is the estimated number of Asian alone or in combination residents in the United States in 2017. The Chinese (except Taiwanese) population (5.0 million) was the largest Asian group, followed by Asian Indian (4.4 million), Filipino (4.0 million), Vietnamese (2.1 million), Korean (1.9 million) and Japanese (1.5 million).

These estimates represent the number of people who reported a specific detailed Asian group alone, as well as people who reported that detailed Asian group in combination with one or more other detailed Asian groups or another race(s). ~ via 2017 Population Estimates and 2017 American Community Survey, cited in Facts For Features: Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: May 2019 (U.S. Census Bureau)

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Quick start to Asian American ministry

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archive of everything I found re: Asian Americans between 2004-2007

racial insensitivity

A Class Discussion on Race and Ethnicity in American Evangelicalism (November 2013)
Lifeway President makes apology for Rickshaw Rally VBS (November 2013)
An Open Letter from the Asian American Community to the Evangelical Church (, October 2013)
Karate Kid parody video – Exponential West addressed concerns (October 2013)
Easter Ninja online conference (, January 2013)
How a conflict played out in social media— Deadly Viper book, published by Zondervan (2009)
What we’ve learned from Skits that Teach— The Skit Guys curriculum, published by Zondervan (2007) [amazon review]
Reconsidering Rickshaw Rally — the saga about a new VBS curriculum published by Lifeway that may be unintentionally stereotyping Asian Americans (and official clip art downloads)… and in November/December 2003, SBC decides to not modify the material, to the chagrin of offending many — buzz spread to: LifeWay Consults Culture Experts to Quash Critics’ Quarrels with VBS Curriculum (Apr 5, 2004); BGCT (Baptist General Convention of Texas) ends relationship with Lifeway (Mar 4, 2004); Christianity Today, “Vacation Bible School Wars” (Feb 27, 2004); NPR affiliate KQED’s Pacific Time picks up on this (Principles for Vacation Bible School)