spiritual formation is the actualization that a life of the Spirit is lived from the heart, specifically, one’s heart desires and wants.. and that it is the life from the heart that shows the life of faith that God has redeemed the heart, and will shape it and guide it as we listen to it – when we err, God will make it known to us, and we can confess it, repent, and He will forgive and cleanse..

New Way Ministries – Larry Crabb’s new venture, my favorite person who’s able to articulate so well the concept of spiritual formation through authentic community and relationships [cf. School of Spiritual Direction, and Soul Care Foundations]

RenovarĂ© – RenovarĂ© is the best comprehensive resource I’ve found re: spiritual formation, as it is committed to working for the renewal of the Church of Jesus Christ in all her
multifaceted expressions.

The Center for Personal and Relational Growth (CPRG) of Bannockburn Institute for Christianity and Contemporary Culture (BICCC) promotes discussions, stimulates research, develops programmatic initiatives, and sponsors publication projects that engage with various personal growth and relational issues.

Center for Evangelical Spirituality – a ministry dedicated to fostering spiritual growth within the Christian community through an integrated study of Scripture, church history, and the Christian classics

The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation – an ecumenical Christian organization devoted to the support of contemplative spirituality

Method X – United Methodist’s young adults portal for spirituality (and resources at Upper Room Books)

Evan Howard on Spiritual Formation:
In short, Christian “spiritual formation” refers to the process by which believers become more fully conformed and united to Christ, especially with regard to maturity of life and calling. Instruction, personal relationships, spiritual disciplines–even simply reflecting on the trials of the day–all can facilitate spiritual formation insofar as they are aimed at this purpose of cultivating growth toward maturity in Christ. [read full article]

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