List of Churches Online

A directory of where you can join worship services online :: or see List of churches with Internet campuses* (churches with worship online is also known as aka livestreams / webcasts / Internet campuses)

Know of another church with worship online? Have new info to update? Add to this listing >>

Churches Online around the World

Also see the full spreadsheet for international churches online and a reference list of video streaming service providers.

What is an Internet Campus?

[*] What is an “Internet campus”? It’s (almost) anything more than a livestream video, and that could be a chat room, sermon notes, and/or more interactive elements. Some even have light a candle or raise a hand.

Growing this list

The world has changed in March 2020. More and more churches are connecting for worship online. Software developers are welcomed to enhance this open-source database with added features and whatever.

Download the database in Excel format or CSV format for US/Canada list, International list, Internet Campus list

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Share what you build and I’ll link it here. is trying to let people know that they can get to church ONLINE these days. Submit the details for your church’s online ministry so they can add it to their list.”

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