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DEI as markers of Churches known for Belonging

In this Christianity Today article, Dr. Arthur L. Satterwhite III explained— Diversity, equity, and inclusion should matter to us because they are the outworking of a critical truth embedded deeply within the Christian faith. The truth is that despite our...

Daniel Sangi Im at Beulah

Asian Pastors Leading Larger Multiethnic Churches

A small yet growing number of Asian North American pastors are leading larger multiethnic churches. By larger churches, most of these are considered megachurches, meaning they have a weekly attendance of over 2,000 adults and children. Megachurches come with their...

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Top Churches and Pastors on YouTube

For the curious and competitive, though we know church is not supposed to be about competition or numbers, some people do look at numbers for many different reasons. Here’s what the numbers say (at the time of this post)— Churches...