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Churches near me in Rockville and Bethesda Maryland

Finding a church near Rockville, Maryland, is something I do on the occasions when I’m visiting family and friends in MoCo. There are many churches around Rockville, including many within driving distance in Gaithersburg,...


What does Asian American Christian spirituality look like?

This video by Pastor John Shin on Facebook Live got several engaging comments, and this extended comment from Pastor Joe Suh suggested particular areas in which our Asian American culture can create barriers that we need to be aware of so that the gospel can penetrate


Asian American Sermons on Shame

What a shame that we can’t talk about our pains. It’s hard for anyone from whatever ethnic background to talk about their weaknesses and pains, it’s especially hard for Asians and Asian Americans. And,...

WordPress developers in Chinese and English?

Where can you find WordPress developers and designers for a bilingual website in Chinese and English? That question came up in a recent conversation. They’re not so easy to find, yet. So let me...