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More Christian Worship Music Streaming for Free

Worship music soothes the heart and soul all day and night. With the wonders of internet streaming, you can have the inspiring ambiance of Christian worship music surround you while you’re working, reading, or doing whatever else. While there are many Christian...


How to move a Squarespace site from version 7.1 back to 7.0?

Have you used Squarespace before and now things look and feel really different when you tried to launch a new Squarespace site? Apparently, Squarespace changed its entire system from version 7.0 to 7.1, and the two are drastically different. (The version number...

Being the Church Online is More than Livestreaming

Churches around the world have started adjusting to the new reality of being connected by internet instead of gathering in person. And I think the future will be a both/and combo that actualizes the fact of the church are the people 24/7...

Join This COVID-19 Global Prayer

Join this Live COVID-19 Global Prayer on Saturday March 28th 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT with @samcollier @crowder @priscillashirer @nataliegrant @berniceaking @pptministries @pastorsamuelrodriguez @daniellejstrickland @nonanotnora @amesa


Where to get the cheapest .BIBLE domain names

Want to pay less for registering .BIBLE domain names? Whether you like saving money just because you can or you want to be a good steward with finances, finding the lowest prices is one factor in selecting a registrar for your domain...