NWLC California 2012 Slides

Here in Escondido, a suburban city I think you can call it, North of San Diego, California, for this regional rendition of National Worship Leader Conference October 9-11. 3 full days of conferencing to equip the every member of the church leadership & volunteers, those who make the weekend service happen. I’m honored to be invited to facilitate 2 workshops, Social Media Basics, and Advanced Social Media.

Posting the presentation slides and links mentioned here:

Social Media Basics: Top Online Tools to Connect Your Community (PDF)

Advanced Social Media: Developing Your Strategy for Desired Results (PDF)

social media manager: hootsuite.com, tweetdeck.com

a list of churches on Pinterest

top church pages on Facebook

least churched cities in America

how many churches have websites in America

top 200 church blogs via ChurchRelevance.com

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