Listen to leading voices from the global church

The world is much bigger than America, and according to what’s reported in books like The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, people are responding to the Christian Gospel message in far larger numbers in Africa and Asia than America. While the marketing platforms aren’t being used as actively in the non-Western world to get their message out to the masses, their impact is quite notable on the ground in their spheres of influence.

We’d do well as church and ministry leaders to listen and heed the wisdom from their experiences — starting today 10/16 through Thursday 10/18, Resource: Global is hosting the global:church forum in Chicago so that we can hear from church leaders from the Global South (South America, Africa) and Global East (Asia, Middle East). And, Christianity Today is providing a livestream of the entire event. Tune in. Listen. Hear the voices that must be hear and heeded.

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