How to increase Asian Americans’ generosity

Generosity doesn’t make a lot of sense in a world of consumption and people being people. But as I learn more about generosity, through a couple of pivotal experiences in my life recently, I am finding that giving away money is a...

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Multi-site Churches with Video Teaching by Preachers of Color

The question came up in a recent conversation about how effective is video teaching with non-white church attenders. My hunch (based on my limited experience) in following the chatter with multi-site churches and multiethnic churches over the years, is that video teaching...


Learn about Suicide Prevention, on January 28, 2020, in Anaheim

Come to this NAMI-OC educational presentation on Suicide Prevention and the works happening in Orange County. Presenters will be: Tuesday January 28th 2020 @ 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Light Refreshments will be served) Place: Magnolia Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall (Sponsored by...


4 More Things for Naïve Pastors to Know

Good Bible teaching and right theology alone will not get pastors prepared for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. That textbook knowledge has to be translated and developed into skillful practices, wise insights through healthily-processed life experiences, and gracious humility for all human...


Naive pastors and the unexpected pain of pastoring

The Bible talks on several occasions about suffering. And you don’t have to be a Christian, or even a spiritual person, to know that the world has too much suffering for inexplicable reasons. But, what do you do with that reality? Some...


Hot Sauce Shops in LA, OC, SD

Find where you can stroll the aisles of hot sauce shops in Southern California, so you can taste wonderful flavors of heat and buy instant gratification. No more waiting for delivery.


Committing My Life to 3 Things = M.S.G.

3 things that I’m devoting my life to = MultiAsian + Shame + Generosity. Watch this quick personal update video where I explain. It’s taken me many years, several decades, to arrive at discovering what my ultimate contribution in life will be, or should be. My...


More Multiethnic Church Resources 2019

Get the latest information about growing healthy multiethnic churches—access the Digital Pass to the 2019 Mosaix National Multiethnic Church Conference for $99, with all the videos to the plenary sessions and main stage conversations. (I know there are thousands more who were...