Why church planters must use social media

I’m meeting up with a group of church planters in downtown Long Beach, California, and talking about social media in 17 minutes. That’s 1 minute short of an iconic TED talk. And the schedule has room for 17 minutes of Q&A to follow my color commentary about social media and church planting.With this being a less-structured more-stream-of-conscious talk, my game plan is to do a show-and-tell of these links below, and they’ll serve as conversation starters and real-time learning.

As I walk-through these links, I’ll aim to get the audio/video recorded and post-produced for the next episode of Social Media Church, so all the world can benefit from this valuable conversation about why church planters must use social media. And a word of thanks to Vision 360 Long Beach for hosting this gathering and inviting me to be a part of one!

Listen to raw audio recording (mp3) below


2 responses to “Why church planters must use social media”

  1. I had the privilege of sitting in the room during this talk. DJ gave some great insights on how to use social media well and gave reason why church planters should utilize the power and the many avenues it has to offer. It’s worth a listen.

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