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Asian American Pastors on Megachurch Staff

As growing numbers of megachurches (weekend attendance over 2,000) in America have adapted and developed into multi-site churches (being one church in multiple locations), perhaps one of the next nascent developments is an intentional multi-ethnic diversity on their pastoral staff. In recent years,...

Top 10 Largest Churches in Orange County California

List of the 10 largest megachurches in Orange County, California, affectionally known as the OC. (Megachurches are defined by an average weekend attendance of over 2,000, adults and children)

why Megachurches draw attendance and attention

When it comes to religion in America, megachurches have a particular draw. Each megachurch has at least 2,000 in attendance on a typical weekend, most of them with multiple worship services, and an increasing number with multiple locations. (actually, the largest megachurches...