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While there are articles (here, here, here, here, there) that give great ideas for how a church could be using Pinterest, right now it’s kinda elusive to find churches actually actively using Pinterest.

Aside: I myself have 624 pins and my dear wife has over 2,127 pins.

Here’s a list of churches on Pinterest I’d found, with a current count of pins when this list was compiled (please do add more) ::

http://pinterest.com/marshill/ Mars Hill Church (577 pins)
http://pinterest.com/foresthillpcusa/ Forest Hill Church (477 pins)
http://pinterest.com/uuca Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (346 pins)
http://pinterest.com/wheatonbible Wheaton Bible Church (129 pins)
http://pinterest.com/fellowshippins/ Fellowship Church (76 pins)
http://pinterest.com/worthingtoncc/ Worthington Christian Church (58 pins)
http://pinterest.com/forefrontnyc/ Forefront Church (34 pins)
http://pinterest.com/bafchurch/ Bay Area Fellowship (4 pins)
http://pinterest.com/gopcmodesto/ (1 pin)

[update: added after original post went live] // http://pinterest.com/northviewchurch/ Northview Church via @brianbarela //

[update 6/22] // Godvertiser.com has a more complete list of pinteresting churches //

At the moment, Pinterest is invite-only. Add a comment and I’d be more than happy to give you an invite.

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