How much self-promotion is too little or too much?

One issue that a freelancing independent consultant runs into is making his services known to others. For some people, especially those influenced by Asian cultural background, any mention of one’s own accomplishments is considered boasting too much self-promotion. I’m one of those that’s had more than my share of Asian influence, right down to my very bone and marrow.

I posted my question to twitter:

@djchuang: wondering: what’s the line between a consultant who self-promotes too much and not enough?

Some replies I got back:

@soverpeck: @djchuang @chrisbrogan talks about it quite a bit.

@Ryan_Smith: @djchuang any consultant that is effective will promote those they consult– if they did a good job they will return the favor #socialmedia

@TheMikeEllis: @djchuang consultants don’t need to promote if they’re good at what they do. Results will do the promoting.

@chriswhill: @djchuang One look at their bank account, & you’d know the answer.

@marcymassura: @djchuang its not about too much or too little is about the right RATIO of promotion to connection.

What do you think?


2 responses to “How much self-promotion is too little or too much?”

  1. Ross S. Heckmann Avatar
    Ross S. Heckmann

    Self-promotion is quintessentially American but unfortunately it is a sin. “Let another man’s lips praise thee, and not thine own.” “Let him that glories, glory in the Lord.” One true mark of a lack of spirituality is somebody who is obviously looking for, and taking, opportunities for self-promotion, particularly those who admit that they are engaged in “shameless self-promotion.” Can you imagine St. Anthony the Great or St. Francis of Assissi looking for opportunities to mention the book that they just wrote–of course, like Jesus himself, they never wrote anything intended to be marketed to the general public!

    Giving references should be sufficient; let other people say how good (or how bad) they think you are.

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