I have a dream too

I have a dream for Asian Americans, all 18 million Asian Americans, the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the US of A. Asian Americans are people with some kind of personal connection to Asian countries living here in the United States of America. djchuang2012sq Asian Americans collectively span a widely diverse range: Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, Pakistani, Cambodian, Hmong, Thai, Laotian, Taiwanese, Bangladeshi, Burmese, Indonesian, Malay, Sri Lankan, and there are dozens more. Every one of these ethnicities significant and valuable for unique contributions in the world and potentially so much more right here in America. Marginalized by stereotyping, overgeneralization, and systemic problems, to name a few of the glaring issues, there’s much to be done to mobilize and fully engage Asian Americans into the very fabric of everyday mainstream American life.

I dream of a world where Asian Americans realize how much more we have in common and coming together to celebrate the differences also. I dream of a world where all 100% of Asian Americans have their life stories honored and heard, rather than only the top 1% getting all the honor and prestige; a world where a person’s worth is not based on their accomplishments or accolades. I dream of a world where generations can honor their shared collective heritage, while also unleashing the next generations to create new worlds in a fast-changing global village. I dream of a world where the Asian American stories encompasses both the immigrant journey and the fully-American next-generation narratives. I dream of a world of wholeness and health for Asian Americans. I dream of a world where every single Asian American realizes their intrinsic worth and value, to be respected with dignity for being human.

To step into this dream, I’m turning the page into a new chapter in my work life. As a person of faith, this for me will be a season of public Christian ministry. I’ve signed on with Ambassador Network as a strategy consultant to launch a movement of multiplying, multiethnic, and missional churches. I’ll be describing that in the coming weeks and months, and would love to have you come along with me.


2 responses to “I have a dream too”

  1. Hello,

    Wonderful dream.

    Please leave a comment on my article “Youth Uprising” at my blog: http://www.michelefjackson.blogspot.com. I think commenting will help with your dream.

    — Let’s live in the dream,
    Michele Jackson

  2. Benjamin Avatar

    I dig your collective dream! Thanks for honestly sharing and connecting. =)

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