Value of an Asian American church planting network

Q: “Do you know of any non-denominational Asian-American church planting networks? Do you see much value in such a thing verses denominational channels or mainstream American networks?”

A: [djchuang] I don’t know of 1 that’s that specific – a ch.planting network for Asian American and non-denominational.

Given that a majority of Asian American churches (and pastors) do not self-identify as Asian American, it’d probably be unlikely they’d want to identify & be a part of an AA ch.planting network.

I do think there are contextual issues in the AA pastor him/herself, and for ministering more effectively to AAs, whether in an AA context or in a multi-ethnic context. I think those contextual issues are mostly under-addressed.

Good question that came in recently about the value of networking for Asian American church planters. I think there is value to that. [cf. list of Asian American church plants] And I think there’s value to a denominational channel, and there’s value to a mainstream American network. What would you add?

[update 4/22/2014: a new network called ReGenerant is launching for Asian American church planters!]

The best [mother of all] conference for church planters and church planting networks is the EXPONENTIAL CONFERENCE end of April in Orlando. I plan to be there, in person. Plus, any Asian American leader must get there early for the Multi-ethnic Church Planting pre-conference too!


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  1. Will be at Exponential with my wife and can’t wait to hear the multiple ethnic pre conference. Look forward to see you and picking your brain a bit DJ.

    1. @Ed, it’d be great to hang out with you in Orlando at Exponential! You know, we can see each other before then, just setup a skype video chat, ok? 🙂

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