Asian American churches around the OC and the world

The OC Register (our local newspaper with a circulation around 300,000) and reporter Jim Hinch wrote up this article, “O.C. exports Asian American churches to the world” (cached), telling the compelling story of Asian American churches and my story too. Thank you OC Register!

Here’s links to all the goodies mentioned in that article, and some extras:

The print edition of the article also carries the headlines, “A local consultant and an evolving population combine to explore new ways of worshipping.” and “Asian Americans find God beyond traditional pulpit.” The lead-in on the front-page “Finding their Faith: Asian Americans use inclusiveness to spread growing message of faith.” ::

Over the past generation, a number of Orange County churches have thrived by serving mostly Asian American worshippers.

Now, some of those same churches are spreading beyond the county to places such as London, Mexico City, and Manila.

How? By emphasizing social causes. And embracing multiculturalism. And, generally, reaching into an often non-Asian world.

A local church consultant who has helped spur the expansion says Asian American Christianity can happen anywhere — and everybody is welcome.

… D.J. Chuang has ideas about Asian American churches.

Lots of ideas.

He has ideas about online-only Asian churches, about so-called “next-gen multi-Asian churches,” and about churches frequented by Asian Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese worshippers. [read the full article] (cached)


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  1. I can attest to this article – DJ is the real deal and a gift to the church

  2. Daniel, thanks for reading the article. I’d say I think you’re quite a gifted guy too! 🙂

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