Chick-Fil-A please add cream to my coffee

Heard a most inspiring and insightful talk from Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy at Imagination Summit, at Biola University. Inspired me in many ways, including getting my breakfast at CFA Irvine Marketplace. Heard that 90% of their breakfast sales come thru the drive-thru, just doing my part.
This morning, I ordered the #4 combo. I asked if they could add cream to my coffee. They politely said no. When I got to the drive-thru window, 3 people were attending to me. 1 apologized for not being able to add cream because it was against policy. 1 said she’d add cream for me since I asked. 1 said they’ll remember to add cream for me next time I come! Thank you Frank! Remarkable! Visit Coffee Works website to learn more and get new ideas.

Note to Dan, would you consider changing that policy? I thought of these 7 reasons:

1. extra convenient for drivers on the go, to not have to add sugar & cream, fumble with packages and stirrer, slowing down their mobile lifestyle as is already obvious from using the drive-thru
2. less spilt coffee in the car
3. a more remarkable experience
4. cost savings from unused cream and sugar being added to drive-thru orders by default
5. more eco-friendly to use fewer plastic stirrers (and cost savings too)
6. Dunkin Donuts does it for me 😉
7. one more opportunity for customer interaction / personalization / customization