KevJumba Interview on Asian America Podcast

KevJumba has entered a new season of life and a lot has happened since his quick rise to fame on YouTube. KevJumba was one of YouTube’s first stars who happens to be Asian American, Chinese  ethnicity, to be specific. He started his channel in 2006, got featured on the YouTube […]

A List of Influential Chinese-American Christian Leaders 1

I asked for help with this question, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” on the internet and on Facebook. The crowdsourcing activity was way more numerous on Facebook, with 41 comments and counting. Here’s the list of Chinese-Americans mentioned on Facebook in response to the question: Gideon Tsang, […]

Influential English-Speaking Chinese-American Pastors 2

This question came into my inbox, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” Frankly, the question stumped me. My hunch is the question behind the question might be to find conference speakers that would draw a crowd. And that’s just how it goes with the business side of conferences, […]

My New Blog Demystifying Prayer

I started a new blog project called Demystifying Prayer. It will run for 30 weeks. I’ll be blogging my conversational prayer with God, the one of Christianity as revealed in the Bible, about once a week. The idea for this blog came from my realization or discovery that my praying […]

The Decline of the Tim Keller Wiki website

Since 2009, for about 8 years, a small group of contributors curated content for the Tim Keller Wiki at At that time, only 2 popular books authored by Pastor Tim Keller had been published, namely, The Reason for God and The Prodigal God. Many many more Tim Keller books […]

Houston Churches Responding to Hurricane Harvey 5

Hurricane Harvey has caused enormous damages to the Houston area, nearby Texas and Louisiana of an epic proportion. There are people who need help and people who want to help. In situations like this, people can use all the help they can get. Many local churches in Houston are helping […]

A List of Asian American Theologians

Thinking and writing about the study of God is known as theology. And in some ways, all of us who are Christ-followers are theologians in that we read and study the Bible. We are commanded to love God with all our mind. However, there are also theologians who are paid […]