Feb 142014
First websites with new gTLD .BIKE domain names

Sometimes things launch big with a loud splash; sometimes things launch slowly and build momentum over time. The Internet namespace is experiencing its largest expansion in history, as an estimated 1000+ new generic top-level domains (gTLD) are launching in the next 2 years. Right now this expansion program is looking like a slower launch (even though 50k+ domains with new gTLDs have been registered so far) and would build momentum [read more...]

Feb 142014
What are the best worship service times for 20-somethings?

More churches are asking how they can reach the next generation (some for its own survival, some for the mandate of reaching more people in their community as part of its on-going mission.) Recently I got this question from a pastor of a church wanting to reach the next generation, and he texted it to me this way: “what are best days/times for worship services for Emerging adults (20s) aka post-college?” [read more...]

Feb 112014
Are you tired of Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley?

Would you believe Catalyst would dare go off-script? I couldn’t believe my eyes either. Here’s the roster of main stage speakers for Catalyst West Coast 2014:: Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Jason Russell, Simon Sinek, Robert Madu, Henry Cloud, Lysa TerKeurst, Charles Lee, Bryan Loritts, Rachel Cruze, Mike Foster. (Gasp, Craig and Andy are missing!) This lineup doesn’t look like the same-old usual fare.. could it be that Catalyst is turning a new [read more...]

Jan 272014
How Money Muddles Ministry Motives

I confess that I have an uneasy relationship with money. And having spent a decade of my life preparing for being a pastor, I’ve given these related topics more than the average Joe or Jane. (This blog post is more of a stream-of-conscience thinking-my-confusion-out-loud, so the ideas here may not be entirely coherent and should not be quoted as such in publications or what have you.) And, granted, I live [read more...]

Jan 212014
How to show Instagram photos on screen

Whether on a second screen like a slide show or projected on a big screen for adding an interactive element to your event, the photo-sharing phenomena of Instagram can be much bigger than the tiny screen of a mobile smartphone. Here’s the web apps (aka websites) that can show photos from Instagram, in an auto-advanced slide-show fashion: http://liveflow.in – show instagram photos with a #hashtag in real-time like a slideshow [read more...]

Jan 182014
Join this Asian American Christian Leadership D.Min. Cohort

Leadership in the Asian American church and ministry context requires you to stay sharp and keeps you on your toes. One of the best, and highly-valued, ways of doing that is through formal education. When you successfully graduate from this D.Min. program, you’ll have the title of Doctor, just like Dr. Rick Warren, Dr. Tim Keller, and Dr. Ben Shin; they too have Doctor of Ministry degrees. Talbot Seminary (formally [read more...]

Jan 092014

Spontaneous combustion of ideas are so much more exhilarating than a predictable routine to me. And the conversations lit up my switchboard and I want to share one of them with you. Yesterday I’m chatting over late afternoon tea with a couple of new friends from connections via Telos Ventures (and I’d venture to say you’ll be hearing more about them in the years ahead, or sooner) and the conversations [read more...]

Dec 212013
Help for family drama, and the in-laws too

As wonderful as the Christmas season could be, as portrayed by many heart-warming Christmas movies and the powerful celebration of the birth of baby Jesus to bring peace and joy to the world, for many it’s also the time for family dynamics that can stir up a wide range of emotions with family drama, strained relationships, and/or painful loneliness. (confession: yes, I have  my share of ‘em too) And the [read more...]

Dec 182013
Mapping out a DC Christmas Tour 2013

Merry Christmas! What better way is there than to worship God in Jesus Christ during Christmas week? This year I’m in the metro Washington DC area with family; and it’s become a family tradition to worship at as many church services as possible during Christmas week. Here’s my working spreadsheet, as I prepare my itinerary. And, for all year round, here’s a list of the most popular (aka: largest) churches [read more...]