2017 Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon

Christmas shopping can be so much easier without the pain of trying to find a parking spot and standing in lines. Through amazon.com, and especially if you have Amazon Prime, you can shop online and get the gifts delivered to your friends and family. Plus you get the bonus of not […]

Grammarly adding extra HTML code? 2

I want to like Grammarly. I really do. And for the grammar errors that it catches for me, Grammarly is working pretty good. But the other day, I noticed that the Grammarly extension was adding extra HTML code at the bottom of some of my blog post. I haven’t figured […]

Silent Exodus: Asian American Christians Leaving Churches 2

For over 20 years now, ethnic Asian churches have lamented the loss of the next generation of Asian Americans, often the children of Asian parents who remain faithful to the ethnic Asian church, whether that’s Korean, Chinese, or one of the other 30-some Asian ethnicities. Many church leaders have expressed […]

OC Christmas Tour 2017 2

One of the family Christmas traditions we started in 2011 is to worship at as many churches as we could during Christmas week. We’re able to go to more churches when there are fewer gatherings with extended family. Not sure what the plans are for this year yet. Here in […]

How Fast the Facebook Matching Grant Runs Out on #GivingTuesday 1

I was wondering how long that $2M matching grant from the Gates Foundation lasted for today’s #givingtuesday on Facebook. With a $50k limit per nonprofit, 40 orgs could have used it all up in the first couple hours starting at 8:00am Eastern Time. The matching grant won’t likely last all day. Good […]

KevJumba Interview on Asian America Podcast

KevJumba has entered a new season of life and a lot has happened since his quick rise to fame on YouTube. KevJumba was one of YouTube’s first stars who happens to be Asian American, Chinese  ethnicity, to be specific. He started his channel in 2006, got featured on the YouTube […]

A List of Influential Chinese-American Christian Leaders 1

I asked for help with this question, “Who are the influential Chinese-American (English-speaking) Christian leaders?” on the internet and on Facebook. The crowdsourcing activity was way more numerous on Facebook, with 41 comments and counting. Here’s the list of Chinese-Americans mentioned on Facebook in response to the question: Gideon Tsang, […]