Can we talk about shame?

Yes, we have launched a podcast called Erasing Shame where we will have honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, and personally. DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee will co-host Season 1 together. I’m particular grateful for Eunice making time to do this podcast together, because the topic of shame is […]

Talking about Faith and Technology

As much as digital technology has become a part of our everyday life, the thoughtful reflections and conversations about the areas of spirituality and technology seems to be lagging and lacking. Technology develops so much faster than spiritual leaders can keep up with, just like laws too have a hard […]

What will suffering do to you? 1

Life involves moments of boredom and thrills, times of work and play, seasons of joy and seasons of suffering. And, suffering can take many different forms: disease, physical pain, mental illness, tragedy, handicaps, or many others. Some of you that are regular visitors here at may have noticed the […]

Rev. Thomas Wang, a Chinese Leader in World Missions

Rev. Thomas Yung-Hsin Wang (王永信) was highly regarded as an influential Chinese church leader among the worldwide Chinese Christian population. Rev. Wang had a global vision that included both the Chinese diaspora as well as all nationalities and ethnicities as the Great Commission calls for. I had met Rev. Wang […]

Check balance of iTunes card without redeeming it

There is one way to check the balance of an iTunes gift card. The most common way is to redeem it in the iTunes store. But what if you want to just check the balance before you give it as a gift, and you’re not sure what the balance is? […]

2017 Best Christmas Gifts on Amazon

Christmas shopping can be so much easier without the pain of trying to find a parking spot and standing in lines. Through, and especially if you have Amazon Prime, you can shop online and get the gifts delivered to your friends and family. Plus you get the bonus of not […]

Grammarly adding extra HTML code? 2

I want to like Grammarly. I really do. And for the grammar errors that it catches for me, Grammarly is working pretty good. But the other day, I noticed that the Grammarly extension was adding extra HTML code at the bottom of some of my blog post. I haven’t figured […]

Silent Exodus: Asian American Christians Leaving Churches 2

For over 20 years now, ethnic Asian churches have lamented the loss of the next generation of Asian Americans, often the children of Asian parents who remain faithful to the ethnic Asian church, whether that’s Korean, Chinese, or one of the other 30-some Asian ethnicities. Many church leaders have expressed […]