Add a Free RSS Feed Widget to Squarespace (2023)

It’s taken me hours to figure out how to add and embed a free widget with an RSS news feed to a Squarespace page. (For example, I added an RSS feed widget to the bottom of this page to feature new CAMH blog posts off-site.)

Something so simple like an RSS feed widget shouldn’t be so expensive. But there are many more paid RSS widget services than there are freemium ones in 2023.

Here’s what’s available for smaller websites that don’t have as much traffic and want to add a free widget onto a Squarespace page. (Note: what we’re talking about here is not adding an RSS feed for your Squarespace blog; this is for adding teasers that link to content published elsewhere.)

Big List of RSS Widget Services has a free RSS Feed widget and paid version starting at $4.94/month. (and they also have usage-based pricing.) has RSS Widgets for Websites with a free version (ad-based) and paid version starts at $8.32/month.

Tagembed has specific instructions to Embed RSS Feeds on Squarespace Website at Its free version allows 2000 views per month; paid version starts at $9/month.

Taggbox has a RSS widget with a free version up to 2000 views per month; paid version starts at $24/month.

Commoninja has its all-in-one bundle that includes an RSS feed widget—free version allows 300 views per month; paid version starts at $17.50/month.

Elfsight has an RSS Feed Widget to display content from popular blogs and news websites with a responsive design widget for website. Free version allows 200 views per month; paid version starts at $5/month.

FeedGrabbr – “Supercharged RSS widgets for your website” and customize everything – has pricing starting at $4/mo.

Onstipe has a RSS Feed Widget for Your Website that starts at $8/month, and its free widget can embed social feeds from Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Feedwind can create an RSS widget within a minute, with pricing starting at $9/year.

Free & Simple RSS widgets

Found a couple other older RSS widget services that are free: