when Joe Rogan talk with Christian guests

The Joe Rogan Experience tops the charts in the world of podcasting, while producing 3-hour long podcasts, which is plain confounding, because most podcast episodes average around 30 minutes in duration. And to pull off that kind of popularity, he’s got something to say—because he’s both entertaining, intelligent, and has interesting guests. I do find some of his guests to be interesting, too, especially the ones that explore the topic of spirituality and faith.

On episode #1930, Adam Curry, the podfather, the godfather of podcasting, shares that he has recently come to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, that it works for him, that it explains a lot of things in the world, prayer is powerful, and we can win [over evil] with God. Watch and listen for yourself, it’s a fascinating conversation, because these here are 2 dudes, Joe and Adam, talking about the meaning of faith respectfully and relevantly to our times, without the overtly religious discomfort—starting at timestamp 1:46:30 or so. And somebody excerpted this segment onto YouTube & titled it, “58 Year Old Atheist Turns Christian After Trying To Prove Religion Is A Conspiracy.”

Plus in a recent convo with a digital church pastor, we wondered about how many Christian guests have been on the Joe Rogan Experience. Now, maybe they don’t all necessarily talk about their Christian faith or Christianity, per se, but until I get around to listening to them, I can neither confirm or deny. Here’s the Christians on Joe Rogan Experience Spotify playlist:

Christian guests on Joe Rogan Experience

And, if you’ve heard of other interesting conversations by Christian guests on the Joe Rogan Experience, please drop a comment so we can add to the playlist. Thanks in advance!

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