Engaging Church Visitors Online

Recently discovered a gold mine of help for churches and pastors with Greg Curtis sharing about how to welcome church guests and connecting them into the life of the church. The church jargon technical term for that is “assimilation.” (yes, this kinda...

Being the Church Online is More than Livestreaming

Churches around the world have started adjusting to the new reality of being connected by internet instead of gathering in person. And I think the future will be a both/and combo that actualizes the fact of the church are the people 24/7...

Join This COVID-19 Global Prayer

Join this Live COVID-19 Global Prayer on Saturday March 28th 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT with @samcollier @crowder @priscillashirer @nataliegrant @berniceaking @pptministries @pastorsamuelrodriguez @daniellejstrickland @nonanotnora @amesa