Familiar Foreigners: Asian-Americans and White Majority Culture Churches 1

Guest Post by Young-Sam Won, August 2018—adapted from Twitter Thread Recent discussions of racial justice and racial reconciliation have led to an increased interest in the relationship between people of color and majority culture churches and institutions. Many Asian-Americans (AsAms) who have been a part of majority culture churches are […]

Where Asian American Pastors Gather Together

I believe in the value of gathering pastors and leaders gathering together for robust discussions, the iron sharpening iron kind of dialogue. There is some value in sharing a meal for fellowship and encouragement. In many localities, cities or regions, I’ve participated in and have known of pastor’s fellowships that […]

What does Asian American worship sound like?

A significant Asian American population worships weekly in over 7,000 churches, mostly in Asian languages, with some in English. One research approximates 42% of Asian Americans identify as Christian, including both Protestants and Catholics. People can easily distinguish the unique sounds of African-American and Latino-American worship music. A majority of […]

How to see Twitter client used to tweet?

Twitter used to display the twitter client used in a tweet’s footer, but they stopped displaying that at twitter.com for an unannounced reason. They can do that, because things do change from time to time. Some have speculated the reason being that “apps are the enemy,” or “make it feel […]

Can we talk about suicide and mental illness now?

How many more celebrities have to die tragically, before we can talk about these hard topics of life and death? Death is one of those topics that most people don’t want to talk about; there are many reasons for that. But death is a certainty; we are all human and […]

Where to download a shared custom voice for Waze app

Waze app, now owned by Google, added a custom voice feature where you can record driving instructions in your own voice and share them with others too. My voice may not be of great interest. On the other hand, celebrity voices would be popular, but they’re often licensed for a […]