Inviting Devotional Writers from around the World

Learned of this lovely project from a friend of a friend. Epic Love Story is inviting authors for a devotional study guide! Epic Love Story wants to have one author per country for this collaborative project. And let’s do the math together: with one devotional for each of the 66 books in the Bible, that will be 66 authors from 66 countries! (Yes, of course, someone from the United States has already been selected.)

Epic Love Story exists to generate inspiration, transformation, and worship for every people group on the planet. We are a resource for Christians to tell their own story and a resource for seekers to hear the epic love story of God as portrayed in the Bible. Epic Love Story is the modern generation’s solution to connect people from around the world with the Bible, in a profound, relevant and robust way, responding to this technical, digital, entertainment-centered, social-media driven age.

Get details about participating with this project at this Summary for Study Guide Authors. Learn more about Epic Love Story at