Asian Americans: The Next Generation #presentation 4

In October 2013, the Turnaround 20/20 Conference gave me a great opportunity to present an overview of how Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial ethnic group in the United States. And I also shared about 3 “turnaround” Asian-American/multi-ethnic churches. The organizers posted the video of my presentation, Asian Americans: […]

Unleashing the Potential of Chinese American Churches 6

I’m sincerely grateful for the invitation to speak at the CMC West Coast event this weekend in San Diego. It’s the 2nd time the organizers have hosted this bilingual Chinese Missions Convention. And I’ve got 2 occasions for which I’m invited to speak. One is a 75-minute workshop titled “How […]

Mentoring Online for Asian American Christians

These are my slides for DJ Chuang’s breakout titled Mentoring through Media at the Asian American Ministry Conference “Mentoring for a Lifetime” at Biola University on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 Mentoring through Media @ AAMC 2014 from DJ Chuang Audio Recording (mp3) of this Breakout:: References mentioned: Connecting: The Mentoring […]

Shape the Future of the Internet at ICANN Meetings

Hey, conference lovers and Internet lovers. There’s a professionally-produced conference you can attend for FREE. It’s the ICANN Meeting, open to the public, held this week in Los Angeles, California (USA), and I attended on behalf of my work with the .BIBLE TLD Registry (operated by the American Bible Society). […]

Does character and integrity still matter in the 21st century? 1

David Brooks unpacks a counter-culture to the pursuit of happiness, using rich words like: depth, soul, virtue, character, integrity, love, sacrifice, obedience, grace. David Brooks is a New York Times Op-Ed columnist, a journalist, and culture commentator. And thanks to Bob Buford‘s email update “Museletter,” he included (some of) his notes from Aspen Ideas Institute 2014.First, […]