Live from Austin Music Hall = Verge Conference

Join in and watch the free livestream video for the Verge Conference 2012 today (Wed) and tomorrow (Thurs) at – amazing lineup of speakers speaking about being missional in the city and around the world as disciples of Christ. Join with over 500+ simulcast (livestream) locations in over 40+ countries around the world! [update: scroll below to find the afternoon UNCONFERENCES!]

See the liveblog with Verge Conference 2012 notes from Justin Taylor [bookmark it!]

Download the Verge 2012 Conference Booklet free (for a tweet)

Order Digital Access Pass for on-demand videos of all Verge 2012 talks @ $49

Official hashtag on twitter is #verge12

Facebook Album of Verge 2012 photos from Day 1 and Day 2

Continue the missional conversation at Verge Network + Like the Facebook Page


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    Good bye, sweet chum 🙂

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