what being missional is about

Being missional is the topic du jour in the mainstream American church, and there’s no sign of the momentum slowing down. Last week in Austin, Texas, I participated at the Verge Conference 2012 with ~ 2,500+ others in attendance to get invigorated about missional communities + missional churches + being missional, and even getting our “faces melted off” (quoting the emcee’s words verbatim.) What’s stuck with me (on this go around) is how being missional intersects with other circles of Christian efforts: cross-cultural missions, urban ministry, social justice, discipleship, organic church, and more. Missional has moved from being a hot buzz word to being more about an activistic kind of lifestyle.

The annual Verge Conference is just one of many efforts from Verge Network to constantly resource the church at large, in America and all over the world, to be more about living as followers of Christ and serving people at their obvious point of need as a genuine and sincere act of love and service (not so much about the business aspects of running & leading church as an organization, where many other resources in America are readily available.) Stay connected to the Verge Network year round, because they’re always at work in gathering and sharing resources, at times even every day.

Get all the recorded talks (plus bonus content) from Verge 2012 for just $49 before Saturday 3/10. Rich and insightful messages you’ll want to digest and discuss with your group of like-minded zealous Christ-followers.


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