a list of Christian PR firms

Communicating in today’s world requires more savvy than ever, and that’s one of the main roles for Public Relations (PR) firms that work with Christian organizations, nonprofits, and even some churches and ministries. One of the major brands in Christian PR closed its doors back in 2019—

In 2019, Mark DeMoss closed his PR firm, DeMoss Group. His firm had worked with some 200 ministry organizations and Christian-owned companies over 35 years. (cf. Christianity Today’s “Lessons from Evangelicalism’s PR Guru: Mark DeMoss represented Christian organizations through highs and lows, but we’re all tasked with representing Christ.“)

Here’s a list of Christian PR firms that work with Christian brands (in no particular order)—

There’s more Christian PR firms listed at Christian Newswire http://www.christiannewswire.com/index.php?module=content&SectionID=2 under the section titled, “Public Relations.”