Using iPhone in a case for continuity camera, not MagSafe compatible

For a number of years now, I’ve used an iPhone, always with a case. I just started using the Continuing Camera feature that connects the iPhone camera to use as a webcam for a MacBook laptop or Mac desktop. But I was sorely disappointed that most of the continuity camera mount require using MagSafe. What’s the point of that, when so many iPhone users have cases, as evidenced by the iPhone case industry projected to be over USD $1 Billion globally by 2027.

Where can you find a continuity camera mount for an iPhone with a case? (and not have to remove the case to use MagSafe)? Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Continuity Camera mount for iPhone with a case (not MagSafe)

  • Elephant Card is a cheap and nifty business-card sized gadget, buy it for $7.99 USD on // I just got one of these today and it works, but when I mount my iPhone 13 and case onto my MacBook, I have to say it’s not very sturdy. For portability when I’m on the go, this works great. But I may also get another mount for sturdy and steady use.
  • MiiKARE Continuity Camera Mount – looks sturdier than the Elephant Card, has a great price point under $10 USD on, but some reviews are unsatisfied with the usability of this mount.
  • POWRIG Continuity Camera Mount – looks solid and sturdy, with a cost of $22.99 (at the time of this writing) – check the reviews to know what it might work for you, as your mileage may vary #ymmv

Using a Tripod or Stand for Continuity Camera for an iPhone with case

Instead of trying to balance your iPhone atop of your MacBook, you can use a stand or tripod instead for your iPhone with case. This gives you more flexibility to your webcam location, more sturdiness, and the hardware gear to use your iPhone for video calls and watching videos, instead of only for the Continuity Camera features.

Alternatively, here’s a homemade hack using 2 cable ties to mount your iPhone for Continuity Camera—