what’s new with DJ Chuang in 2024

2023 is ending up with several miraculous divine provisions, as I’ve been praying for God to bring the right people and resources for what doing what I was created to do. I summarized my dedication in 2019 to 3 things noted by the acronym M.S.G. = MultiAsian + Shame + Generosity

Last year, in 2022, we launched Christian Asian Mental Health to advance compassion and care through Asian American faith communities for everyone. This year, we’re launching Catalyst Wellness Alliance to empower AAPI thriving by facilitating collaborations and partnerships for churches, counselors, researchers, and nonprofits, so together we will better address AAPI, faith, and mental health. This nice visual illustrates how things have grown since my dedication to M.S.G., which first started with the Erasing Shame podcast.

becoming Catalyst Wellness Alliance

The reason I am bookmarking this year as one of miraculous divine provisions is because of how God has orchestrated the times and events to bring one very significant people into my life and connecting me with many others. You can watch this video to hear the whole back story.

You Can Pray & Partner

And, when people ask how they can pray for me, I can humbly say, keep praying for God’s provisions, because I can’t do this alone. And I don’t want to do this alone. Here’s how you can pray and partner with our work at Catalyst Wellness Alliance »

Tech Update: WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Returning visitors to djchuang.com will notice a new look here, as I’ve upgraded to the new theme from WordPress, Twenty Twenty-Four. The website backend also was re-installed so that we could get JetPack to work properly with djchuang.com. (For some inexplicable reason, I couldn’t get JetPack to work for the past 5 years or so.) In the meantime, there may be some functions here that aren’t working neatly, so as I come across those things to clean up and fix, we’ll get that taken care of.

Aside: one of the most maddening things is how some WordPress themes, like Twenty Twenty-Four, comes baked in with a duotone filter in all image blocks. Here’s how to turn it off instantly via Custom CSS without touching code: disable duotone on images in Gutenberg. (took me almost an hour plus to find the solution.)