empowering Asian American Christian women

Several efforts are doing great things to empower Asian American Christian women in many ways, like in the area of leadership development, developing their voices, forming communities, and so on. Here’s ones that I know of (listed in no particular order):

  • The Honor Summit thehonorsummit.com – “Equipping and activating Asian American women for the mission of God.”
  • Someday Is Here vivianmabuni.com/someday-is-here – “a podcast for AAPI women on leadership and culture” with occasional live events.
  • Innovative Space for Asian American Christianity (ISAAC) isaacweb.org – “Our mission is to equip Asian American faith leaders to advance equity at the pulpit.”
  • Asian American Women On Leadership (AAWOL) aawolsisters.com – “exists to gather evangelical Asian American women for leadership renewal and development.”
  • Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry (PANAAWTM) panaawtm.org – “We contribute to Asian and North American Asian women’s theology, mentor female leaders of faith communities, and engage in social transformation for justice.”
  • Women Together womentogethernj.org – “At Women Together, We gather to educate, to empower, and to support each other.” 는 여성이 하나님 안에서 자신을 발견하고, 자신의 목소리를 찾아갈 수 있도록 교육하고 서로 돕는 501(c)(3) 비영리 단체 입니다. 


  • Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC) acwc-women.org – “a unique Asian church women’s ecumenical organization in which women from different countries and churches worship and work together, challenge and support each other, share their resources with one another to realize justice, peace and integrity of Creation.”

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Know of more initiatives that are elevating Asian American Christian women?

Please add more. I’m even open to hand this list over to a woman-led for on-going curation, as apt as that would be, methinks. Thank you for reading all way to the end of this little blog post.

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