How to Create Brand Account on YouTube in 2018

Creating a YouTube brand account allows multiple managers to upload videos to that YouTube channel, very valuable for a team environment.

If the YouTube channel was a regular personal account (by default), then you would have to share the Google Account login info with all the teammates and that’s a security risk. Just say no.

Create a YouTube Channel with Brand Account

When a brand new Google Account visits YouTube for the first time (or an existing user without a YouTube channel yet), and clicks on the “My channel” menu item under the upper right profile, the user is prompted to create a channel.

1. Pause here. Don’t click on that blue button. By default it would create a personal channel,  but you want to create a brand account for a new YouTube channel.

2. Towards the bottom left corner, look for that tiny text link labeled “Use a business or other name” and click on that.

3. This next screen prompts you to create a Brand Account.

4. Enter your brand name and click “Create” – you’re done!

At the time of this blog post, it took me well over an hour to figure out how to create a brand account for a YouTube channel.

The instructions were not clear. Things are constantly changing without notice. And, when things get changed, not all of the instructions get updated. So I can understand why.

My saving grace was this forum reply below.

What happened to the Google+ Page and YouTube connection?

In this YouTube Help Forum topic, Create a brand account, 182BEVERLEI said: [ed.note: formatted for legibility]

  • G+ got completely separated from Youtube , 2 years ago .
  • A channel that multiple people can post in, is now called a Brand Account (and this was the replacement for the G+ pages, but now managed on Youtube, instead of G+)
  • You can create one here  (they have it well hidden, and it’s not even called Brand Account, but create channel)  :
  • So , create new channel / and proceed.
  • Once you have it , then see here :  – ” add or remove managers “

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