Great Music from The Piano Guys, 2Cellos, Simply Three, Brooklyn Duo

I’m digging this new style of music popular on YouTube: classical covers of pop songs, some even call it “classical pop.” You might have seen and heard the most popular one, The Piano Guys, but these other 4 I found are very awesome too. Let me introduce you to these classical pop musicians and their most popular videos:

The Piano + YouTube [cf. How These Four Dads From Utah Quit Their Day Jobs to Make Millions on YouTubeMusic: Beautiful. Inspirational. The Piano Guys.]

2CELLOS @ + YouTube [cf. 2CELLOS: Two 20-somethings rocking out, making the cello coolCello Duo Scores YouTube Hit with Heavy-Metal Cover]

Simply + YouTube

Brooklyn + YouTube

Valentina Lisitsa @ + YouTube [cf. The Classical Pianist With 55 Million YouTube Hits]

Also see this great write up by William Pankey, 5 musicians who are reinventing ‘boring’ classical music for a modern audience; he wrote the article I wanted to.

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