2018 Asian American Christian Blogs

I’m listening for Asian American Christians with thoughful things that emerge from their distinctive bicultural perspectives.

This is a short list of Asian American Christian men and women I’m currently reading as they actively post their insights:

Fred Mok https://breadbeforerice.blogspot.com/ • recently exploring darker questions of faith and race

Angela Kay Hong http://angiekayhong.com/blog • worship leader, previously at Willow Creek Community Church, now studying at Duke Divinity School

Raymond Chang https://raymondchang.wordpress.com • notorious for his open letter to John Piper #launchedbig

AAWOL https://aawolsisters.com • a team blog of Asian American Women on Leadership

Justin Tse http://patheos.com/blogs/ecperson/ • Eastern Catholic Person #robust

Liz Lin https://mynameiselizabeth.com/ • co-founder of Progressive Asian American Christians network

Eugene Hung https://feministasiandad.com

Theresa Cho https://theresaecho.com/

Thomas Hwang http://www.tom-talks.org/

Steve Bang Lee https://www.bangblogs.org/

Daniel Yang http://koobxwm.com • church planting expert researcher

Let’s kickstart some crowdsourcing. Add other interesting bloggers with a comment or contact.

I’ll add more as I find more active bloggers. You may also be interested in this aggregated feed of AsAm Christian Blogroll.


2 responses to “2018 Asian American Christian Blogs”

  1. Thanks for this info! I love further connecting with fellow Asian Americans who blog.

    1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for adding a comment and happy to hear of your interest in Asian American Christian blogs.

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