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WordPress developers in Chinese and English?

Where can you find WordPress developers and designers for a bilingual website in Chinese and English? That question came up in a recent conversation. They’re not so easy to find, yet. So let me share what I’ve found (and please do add...

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What the Bible says to crazy rich Asians?

2018 marks the momentous occasion of the popular movie, Crazy Rich Asians. This romantic comedy (aka romcom) stands as a quality piece of entertainment, that also carries extra meaning for some Asians and Asian Americans. The movie serves as a good prompt...

Where Asian American Pastors Gather Together

I believe in the value of gathering pastors and leaders gathering together for robust discussions, the iron sharpening iron kind of dialogue. There is some value in sharing a meal for fellowship and encouragement. In many localities, cities or regions, I’ve participated...

What does Asian American worship sound like?

A significant Asian American population worships weekly in over 7,000 churches, mostly in Asian languages, with some in English. One research approximates 42% of Asian Americans identify as Christian, including both Protestants and Catholics. People can easily distinguish the unique sounds of...

Mental Health Community Gathering on April 29, 2018

Most of us, if not all of us, know someone that struggles with mental health. Now there’s a safe place to help them know they’re not alone. (And, if that someone is you, you can experience a lot of help and hope...

Statements around an elephant in the evangelical room

Statements around an elephant in the evangelical room

It’s a painful tragedy, however you look at it. Pastor Bill Hybels of world-renowned Willow Creek Community Church resigned on April 10, 2018. Mainstream media and social media have mentioned. Statements by key people have been posted. What will other pastors say about this evangelical elephant in the room?

The seduction of celebrity power

Andy Crouch commentary on celebrity power, allegations, and institution-building—insightfully and succinctly written on a Twitter thread of tweets. Posted with permission.