Free Care and Support for Women in Ministry

Self-care can only take you so far. There are also times you need help from other people to care for you. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Getting helpful support is simply a sign of humanity and humility.

Standing Stone Ministry is developed specifically to come alongside Christian leaders—pastors, missionaries, heads of Christian organizations, & their spouses, who are often alone in the battlefield without anyone to care for them. We are losing such ministers at an alarming rate because so many are in crisis mode and are ending up leaving their ministry posts entirely.

Standing Stone helps ministry leaders and their spouses to remain healthy by providing safe, open, and lasting relationships with other seasoned ministers or trained counselors. Yes, pastors need pastors too. Or, as Standing Stone likes to say, “We Shepherd Shepherds.”

Supporting Women in Ministry

Diana Sun

One of my dear friends, Diana Sun, is one of the shepherds, ready to help any pastor’s wife or female minister. You, or someone you know, may be on the verge of burn-out, suffering from loneliness, depression, have marital issues, or simply frustrated in their ministries, or whatever. With the ease of Zoom these days, she would be able to help just about anyone in the world.

And to get support, someone doesn’t need to be in crisis mode. Every ministry needs to have a safe place to walk through difficult times and also to have regular care for a healthy ministry that lasts a lifetime.

Again, this service is free to all shepherds. Since finances are often a huge top issue of stress for ministers, know that they can come to Standing Stone without worrying about the cost.

To get in touch with Diana, you can reach out to her directly via email [email protected].