A List of Black Pastors to Listen to

At this kairos moment in history, the American church must listen to Black preachers and African American pastors, for the sake of liberty and justice for all peoples, especially black lives harmed for generations. The gospel imperative compels Christians to care for every person created in the image of God, that’s why we must listen, as a first of many steps, to reconstruct a society that honors human lives of all, regardless of skin color—just basic human rights.

This is a list of black preachers and pastors that have circulated among multiethnic evangelical-ish churches and events, to answer that question, “who should I listen to”—listed in no particular order—

Yes, there are many other prominent and less prominent pastors worth listing, this is a starter list.

What’s also important is to build a long-term relationship committed to reconciliation, that’d be steps to take along with listening and learning. Healing and change for good can only come at the speed of trusted relationships. (heard from Dr. Raleigh Washington)

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Currently, there are approximately 100,000 predominately black churches in the United States..”


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(photo credit: Thrive Conference)