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Top Churches and Pastors on YouTube

For the curious and competitive, though we know church is not supposed to be about competition or numbers, some people do look at numbers for many different reasons. Here’s what the numbers say (at the time of this post)—

Churches and Pastors with the Most YouTube Subscribers

Joel Osteen (Lakewood Church)

Elevation Church (Steven Furtick)

T.D. Jakes (The Potter’s House)

Transformation Church (Michael Todd)

Joseph Prince (New Creation Church, Singapore)

In Touch Ministries (Charles Stanley)

Joyce Meyer Ministries

First Baptist Church of Glenarden (John K. Jenkins Sr.)

Touré Roberts (ONE – A Potter’s House Church)

Tony Evans (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship)

Grace to You (John MacArthur)

Hillsong Church (Australia and more)

Saddleback Church (Rick Warren)

Life.Church (Craig Groeschel)

El Lugar de Su Presencia (Colombia)

Christ’s Commission Fellowship (Philippines)

Anker Narula Ministries (The Church of Signs and Wonders)

Shepherd Bushiri (Enlightened Christian Gathering International Church, Malawi)

Igreja Batista da Lagoinha (Brazil)

Living Faith Church Worldwide (David Oyedepo, Nigeria)

Iglesia Rey de Reyes (Mexico)

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Note: this is not a comprehensive list due to limited analysis. If you know of an automatic way to generate this list in real-time, please add a comment and help the world to know.

You may observe that some churches provide their full worship service on YouTube, while others only provide the sermon (or message or homily); some channels are named for the church, some for the pastor, some for a ministry name. It is challenging some times for music to be included during a worship service due to copyright matters, so that may well be a legitimate reason for not having worship music available for on-demand viewing and listening.