A Sermon by Pastor Greg Owyang

Pastor Greg Owyang served as a gifted Chinese-American preacher in the 1980’s and inspired many to serve the Lord. He was tragically martyred in 1985.

I had never heard him preach, until recently, when I found a website with some of his sermons from 1983. These recorded audios had thought-by-thought translation from English to Cantonese (Chinese), so for those who are not bi-lingual, it’d take a bit more patience to listen to. I took the time to extract just the English portion, so we could hear one of Pastor Greg Owyang’s all the way through, titled, “Growing thru Failure” (August 7, 1983)—

Or, listen to the original sermon audio, preached in English with translation into Cantonese—

Listen to another sermon titled “The Great Commission” by Pastor Greg Owyang, with Cantonese Chinese translation, preached on December 31, 1978:

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