The #1 Reason You Have to Care about Mental Health

Your brain controls everything about you. Since you have a brain and a mind, you have to take care of your mental health, this brain health blog will help you a lot. If I may simply what mental health is all about, it’s about managing the stresses of life. And in this season we’re living in, every single one of us is experiencing more stress than ever. (disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health professional of any kind, this is just my own personal perspective based on my lived experiences.)

While most of you don’t have an official medical diagnosis of a mental disorder as listed in that DSM-5 Manual, you probably know someone who is struggling to manage their mental health and would require extra effort and attention to care for their psychological health and well-being, . The overall statistics worldwide of those who suffer from mental disorder is around 13% and around 19.1% in the United States.

Allow me to illustrate. 3 persons can be in the same situation but have different reactions. Let’s say it’s ordering at a fast food restaurant. Person #1 would look at the menu, make a decision on the spot, and they’re good to go. Person #2 would look at the menu, have some feelings of anxiety from all the options, and having to make a choice is stressful, but not paralyzing. Person #3 would look at the menu, feel overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, can’t make a decision, and needs to ask for help so s/he doesn’t go hungry. That 3rd person may need extra help to manage the stresses of life if the condition persists.

For Christians and churches, they’re in a unique position, as a community of people, to better care for those who struggle with mental health because the need is huge. There’s not enough resources to provide accessible and affordable care for all those who struggle, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. (Yes, many go undiagnosed.)

3 upcoming virtual events will provide very valuable information and inspiration to mobilize more churches and Christians to care for their community’s mental health and wellness:

Online Pastors’ Retreat @ October 5-7, 2020

You’re feeling the weight of your responsibilities as a leader in your church – or you’re dealing with a spouse or child with emotional concerns, during a time when the normal rhythms of church and family life have been disrupted by the pandemic.

Right now is a good time for a retreat offering much-needed resources, encouragement and support – whether you’re wrestling with your own emotional issues or helping to care for church members or staff who are wrestling with theirs.

I’m one of the #OnlinePastorsRetreat speakers and my talk is titled, “Erasing Shame about Mental Health in Asian American Christian Communities.”

Church Mental Health Summit @ October 10, 2020

The Church Mental Health Summit is a one-day virtual event equipping the church to support mental health in their communities. Our experts will be sharing their years of knowledge, strategies and tools to equip you to support the mental health issues facing ministry leaders, churches and communities

The Church Mental Health Summit is a free event on October 10th as a live broadcast, with an option to buy an all-access pass for on-demand viewing any time.

I’m one of the #CMHSummit speakers and my talk is titled, “How a Psychotic Episode Forced Me to Pivot My Self-Care.”

Enlighten 2020 Webinar @ October 24, 2020

What triggers trauma in my life? And how can I overcome it? Sign up for the free “Triggers & Trauma in 2020” webinar to learn about responding to trauma. A Conversation to Encourage, Educate, and Empower!