8 easy to use group video chat web apps

Here’s 8 web apps I’ve found to quickly and easily connect over a group video chat. You’d think with the internet maturing that there’d be more options for web-based no-download no-frills multi-user video conferencing. Granted, multi-point more-than-two livestreamed-duplex video feeds does raise the degree of technical difficulty exponentially. Of these free web apps, some are quicker to use (no registration required) instantly and some more reliable, your mileage may vary. ymmv.

With this genre of web apps, features and intended use cases vary greatly. For more audience interaction with a panel of video guests, there’s http://spreecast.com and http://vokle.com

For a web meeting with mini webcam videos around a whiteboard, there’s these: http://liveminutes.com http://anymeeting.com http://camdip.com/

Also see: PC World comparison of 5 group video chat apps

Any more choices for multi-user video conferencing out there?

[update 6/25] // 3 more group video chat web apps: http://www.icanhazchat.com
http://yowie.com http://www.yapchat.com //


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