How to get a custom welcome page for Facebook

Getting a custom welcome landing page (aka welcome tab) to invite someone to Like a Facebook Page has become a popular tactic for businesses and organizations to build its audience. While there is Facebook Developer documentation online that has a Page Tab tutorial, I don’t find it plain and simple to use. Here are template-driven web apps for generating a custom welcome page (and asterisked ones have additional apps that integrate into Facebook page tabs):

Of course, growing audience engagement takes more than a welcome page, but sometimes non-techie decision-makers aren’t aware of the total cost of effort to keep fresh content flowing consistently. (cf. When A Welcome Tab Isn’t Enough: Use Custom Facebook Tabs To Give Fans More)

[* Unfortunately, much of this info is obsolete, since Facebook changed the rules of the game, and Facebook pages use that timeline format since February 2012]


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  6. thx for tips, I now built my page using iFrame Tab Plus from HostFB Apps

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  8. Excellent post DJ…was looking for a list like this 🙂 Which one is your favorite?

    1. I’ve only used a few, and I like the simplicity of Static HTML: iframe tabs

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