How to create and share lists more interactively

Lists organize the world of tasks, places, ideas, people, and all kinds of things. There’s all kinds of web apps (and mobile apps) for specific uses like to-do lists, checklists, shopping lists, bucket lists, links (aka bookmarks), reading lists.

But what about other kinds of lists? With all the collaborative power of people using Pinterest, Quora, and Wikipedia, you’d think Web 2.0 (or have we already reached Web 3.0?) would have birthed a web app with thousands and millions of people creating and sharing lists. In other words, if Pinterest is the social media network of images/photos on bulletin boards, what is the social media network of lists?

I’ve used spreadsheets and wikis for years to manage what are essentially lists (e.g. churches, online churches & Internet campuses, books, Christian Podcast Directory, churches with evening worship times, multiethnic churches, next gen multi-Asian churches), but thought there’s gotta be a best-of-breed social-media-savvy lists manager that presents data looking more like lists instead of spreadsheets or wikis.

Here’s what I found [with editor’s notes in brackets.] First a list of lists that could become the one:

  • = “Discover and create great lists. Share your interests. Engage your audience. Collaborate with friends. Make beautiful and fun listicles. The simplest way to create, curate and share.” [this one is actively developed and looking very robust, with bookmarklet, WordPress plugin, embeddable, shareable]
  • = “Vote on the Best (and Worst) of Everything” [very social, lots of pop culture, and its Listopia is collecting lots of lists of facts]
  • = “find, share & organize their world’s stories through lists” [would you believe 1.5M+ lists shared?]
  • = “organize the things you love”+ “A Social Network for the Obsessively Organized”. [this one could be on a similar trajectory as Instagram, starting with iOS app only, and then maybe everywhere in due time ] cf. Socialist, An App For The List Obsessed To Create And Share Favorites (Forbes, August 2014)
  • = “Listnerd is a social top list community. Create, share and discover top lists about the best stuff in life, like the best video games, movies, music, TV-series or makeup.” = “a socially-oriented platform for creating, sharing and comparing lists of things.” [very listcentric] = ” Listal is a social network based around entertainment including Movies, TV shows, games, DVDs, Music and books” +  “create lists, share images, get recommendations and much more”


And, here are more websites for creating and sharing lists socially:

  • = “Listverse is a place for explorers. Together we seek out the most fascinating and rare gems of human knowledge… Every day we publish three or more amazing lists packed with as many new facts as possible.”
  • = “collect, organize, and share lists with links”
  • = “Demolistic is a list-building community” + “List. Rank. Discuss.”
  • = “Making lists fun again.” + “… makes it easy to share and collaborate with your friends.”
  • = “Top Lists of Everything! Create lists of the best stuff on the web.” [mashup of Digg and wiki and lists]
  • = “free online list maker” + “making lists easier” [rather minimalistic]
  • = [also rather minimalist, get it, minimalist; might be on ice, with no tweets since 2010]
  • = “Create and share lists, customizable, easy and fast!” [shareable but not so social]
  • = “Create, Share & Embed Lists”. It’s in invite-only mode. Made in Sweden.
  • = Also in invite-only private beta mode. “We make creating lists delightful.” + “Create any list you want. Movies to watch, Books to read, Wish Lists, Bucket Lists, Web Articles to read later or things to remember. We’ll make sure it’s easy.” [there was a previous website at this address back in 2006 that looked promising, but, is gone.]

#ht Top 10 Free List Sharing Apps ( and Five Reasons Why Millennials Love Listicles (Forbes, August 2014)


4 responses to “How to create and share lists more interactively”

  1. Here’s an old email in my archives from back in 2006 on this very topic. It shouldn’t be so hard. A friend wrote this about finding a great web app to create and share lists::

    “all i really want to do, in the end, is “surface” people and places and churches and ministries

    i want to make LISTS!


    list of churches

    lists of things happening

    list of regions

    names and emails and numbers

    that’s what i like doing

    that’s what always interested me, from years ago

    and i’m gonna figure out a way to do this…!”

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